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Swedteam: Hunting clothing from Sweden

Swedteam is a company with a long hunting tradition. We have been making high quality hunting clothes for almost a century. So our brand has a long history and since the very beginning we have always had the same motivation: our interest and passion for hunting.


We consider it our challenge to offer hunting gear that will never interfere with the hunting experience. Our clothing should support the hunt. As a hunter, you don't want to have to stop because of cold fingers or clothes that don't stay dry. At Swedteam we have taken up the challenge of developing clothing that works optimally in all weather conditions and contributes to the best possible hunting experience. We are often inspired by our own experience. Scandinavia has an unruly climate with major weather shifts. This requires clothing that has the right properties and offers sufficient protection.


To achieve this goal we also work a lot with hunters. We test, develop and test again until the products are in top shape. Our goal is to constantly evolve and find new ways. Our development team consists of female and male hunters with a great hunting experience who demand high standards of equipment. We also listen to you as a hunter to get an idea of what is needed. What qualities, colours or technical solutions should be applied? We are there for you. We want to meet your expectations. We can help you to find the right clothing, but we can also help you to use, combine and care for it in the right way.


We are innovators and experts in our field. We are at the forefront of this sector in the field of new functional solutions and materials and are pioneers in various fields. We are there for you who wants the best in the field of hunting gear. Swedteam is available today in countries all over Europe. We are constantly developing our products and building up more knowledge.


It is no coincidence that we know what we are doing and what we are talking about. Swedteam was founded in 1919 and is a family business that has gained knowledge and experience in hunting for generations. Our great interest in hunting has influenced all these generations, not least thanks to our CEO Ulf Segerqvist. Ulf has spent most of his life working in the sports industry and therefore knows everything there is to know about functional garments that are suitable for hunting.