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Generations of long viewing pleasure

Steiner is a worldwide popular brand for binoculars. A brand with a history that goes back to 1947. All binoculars have a very solid construction. Besides the excellent optical properties, Steiner binoculars are also known for their very robust and solid construction. Steiner binoculars can withstand a thump and a rain shower. Therefore, Steiner binoculars are often used by professional users such as military and foresters.

Beautiful details

Steiner binoculars feature details that show how carefully the product has been designed. Take, for example, the 'clic-loc' carrying straps, which can be replaced in no time by, for example, a harness. In addition, the Steiner binoculars are made with care for the environment.


In the dark days after the Second World War Steiner celebrated his first triumph. He started a one-man business in Bayreuth. Karl Steiner had a single goal: to make optical products that are so functional, sturdy and uniform that nobody can match them. His passion for optical perfection ensured that within six years the one-man business had grown into a company with fifty employees. Their products quickly became a great success worldwide. Today, the premium optics, made in Germany, are available in 65 countries and are widely appreciated by sportsmen, hunters, birdwatchers, sailors, airmen and soldiers.

World class

Research, development and production takes place at our Bayreuth site. It is perhaps the most advanced laboratory and production centre for optics on earth.  World-class Steiner lenses, coatings and prisms are made, perfected and produced in Germany and undergo the most complete production, inspection, testing and approval process available. Lenses alone require 460 precise steps in the production process. Finished lenses are assembled in specialized binoculars and then inspected, tested and re-approved. Once past the last inspection, each Steiner binocular offers the most reliable, accurate and satisfying viewing experience available.


Steiner was the first to launch a lightweight, indestructible and rubber armoured Makrolon housing. The nitrogen-free fog seal ensures a clear image under all conditions. The laser filter, water-repellent Nano-Protection lenses and numerous new coating technologies ensure the highest level of contrast and light transmission. Steiner is also a leading innovator in the field of optoelectronics. The first integrated digital compass binocular with an international quality laser rangefinder testifies to this. As a member of the exclusive Beretta Group, one of the oldest weapon manufacturers in the world, Steiner is stronger, more versatile and more innovative than ever.