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Backpacks from the waste mountain

On Cape Town's southern peninsula, Seeland Gear began designing functional, long-life clothing based on the conviction that the environment should be at the centre of attention. Our start-up team consists of different people who have all made a name for themselves in their own way in the field of nature conservation and the environment. Mike Schlebach is known for his contribution to waste recycling in South Africa and is one of the most famous surfers in the country. Jasper Eales is a specialist in sustainable solutions. Meagan Webb has a keen eye for design. Together they form the team that will bring Seeland Gear from South Africa to Europe.


Upcycling is the keyword of Seeland's approach. And upcycling means as much as the reuse of old materials. At Seeland, these materials are processed in such a way that they are suitable for making functional products that have a long life span and are not harmful to the environment. In fact, by upcycling we reduce the amount of waste in the world. At Seeland Gear we have identified and categorized a variety of primary sources of waste materials. All these materials are extremely durable and all can retain their intrinsic properties once they are upcycled. Think of old tarpaulin for trucks or material with which tents were once made. We use these materials in a whole new form and context and turn them into sustainable products. Not only for hunters and lovers of outdoor activities, but for everyone who cares about our planet.

Bags and accessories

Upcycling was created to encourage and inspire people to think of new and innovative ways to use things rather than just buy new consumer products.  Unlike recycling, upcycling is much less energy intensive.  This also makes upcycling a better option than recycling when a choice is available. Seeland Gear wants to offer consumers this choice. Seeland Gear makes bags and backpacks in many varieties. We also offer accessories.