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Rovince: Clothing against the tick

Rovince is the specialist in tick-resistant clothing. Within Europe Rovince is the fastest growing producer/wholesaler with 100% focus on ticks and tick prevention through professional protective clothing.

Unique protection

Since 2008, Rovince has been developing and producing tick-resistant clothing that guarantees unique protection against these insects. Wearing the clothing prevents 98% of tick bites. The founders Rob Nijhuis and Vincent Jansen, both of whom are often found outdoors in nature in their spare time, were themselves confronted with Lyme disease, which can be transmitted by ticks. They wanted to develop clothing that would protect them from tick bites. This was the beginning of Rovince.

Hot-Feet effect

Rovince's tick-resistant clothing is unique in Europe because of the use of Zeck-Protec. The clothing is impregnated with permethrine, a synthetic variant of an insect repellent fabric that occurs in chrysanthemums and gives a 'hot feet effect'. When a tick hits the clothing, it literally and figuratively gets too hot under his feet. This makes him get away. The clothing does not only work against ticks, but also against mosquitoes. Rovince's clothing therefore also protects against tropical diseases such as Zika and Malaria.

Solid workmanship

Because of the great effectiveness of our tick-resistant clothing, Rovince products can also be used in the (professional) outdoor sector. Rovince clothing is interesting for anyone who works outside or is hobbyist outside and therefore comes into contact with ticks. After all, the ticks are everywhere: in the garden, on the verge or just in the woods. For these environments Rovince has developed clothing from jackets, shirts and trousers to socks. Well-fitting clothing of good quality for the professional who is often in the green, such as hunters, foresters, surveyors, etcetera. But also lovers of outdoor activities such as hikers, recreationists and tourists benefit from Rovince's clothing. Thanks to Rovince, everyone has the opportunity to protect themselves optimally against the ever-expanding population of ticks and the diseases they transmit.