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Responsible hunting clothes from Pinewood

Pinewood is a leading manufacturer of clothing and accessories for lovers of outdoor activities. We supply hunting, fishing and outdoor clothing for both adults and children.

Socially responsible

In 2016, the focus was on celebrating the 20th anniversary of our Pinewood brand. This was made extra festive by higher turnover, satisfied customers and many new developments in the market. In 2017, the focus was on corporate social responsibility. We succeeded in having our own factory in the Far East meet the requirements and standards set by the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). This organisation promotes social and ethical production methods. In accordance with eleven codes of conduct, the working conditions in our factories must be safe. There must be no child labor or discrimination and fair wages must be paid. We are very proud of the fact that we not only make great products, but also manufacture them in an ethically and socially correct manner.

Healthy environment

We take corporate social responsibility and our concern for a healthy environment very seriously. We have therefore put a lot of time, research and money into replacing harmful Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs). This makes our clothing safer for you as a customer and the environment. Our current collections are made without harmful PFCs. These fabrics are used by almost all outdoor brands to make their clothing water repellent. However, we consciously work with an environmentally friendly alternative called BIONIC-FINISH ECO PLUS. This is completely biodegradable and completely PFC-free. We are proud to have taken a step in the right direction in this way towards the smallest possible ecological footprint.

Outdoor clothing

The collection, which consists of a wide range of outdoor clothing, was in the beginning the basis of an extremely narrow product line. We had a shirt with Canadian lining in four different colour combinations! Nowadays that shirt has the well deserved name Canada Shirt Classic and it is still part of the collection. The product was loved by our customers who over time also purchased new clothing from us. Gradually, more and more items were added to the collection and Pinewood now sells hundreds of garments, shoes and accessories in many different color combinations. To guarantee the quality of all these various items, Pinewood only works together with the best partners in this sector. This enables us to supply quality products at competitive prices. That is our business ethic and to achieve that we listen carefully to the wishes of our customers. We want our customers to enjoy their outdoor activities unhindered in all weathers. Pinewood offers high quality products, with good functionality, a good fit and excellent design. This combination makes Pinewood the leading brand in our market segment.