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Minox: From spycam to hunting scope

The first product to bear the name of Minox was a miniature camera, invented in 1922 and finally invented and produced in 1936 by the Baltic German Walter Zapp. The Latvian factory VEF (Valsts elektrotehniskäfaba) manufactured the camera from 1937 to 1943.  After the Second World War the camera was redesigned and production resumed in 1948 in Germany.  Walter Zapp originally saw the Minox as a camera for anyone who needed little photographic knowledge. From the beginning the Minox also gained a wide reputation as a spy camera.

Spy camera

Since the invention of the famous compact camera, which was used by many intelligence services for many years, MINOX has remained synonymous with the very latest technology worldwide.  From 1975, the name Minox also became known to a wide public as the creator of the Minox 35 mm compact cameras produced from 1975 to 2004. Minox was acquired by Leica in 1996, but through a management buy-out on August 25, 2001 Minox became an independent company again.

Premium quality

The name MINOX also stands for extraordinary innovative power in the field of optics. A great deal of attention has been paid to the highest possible quality and mechanical precision during design and production. Quality, precision, reliability and durability - these are the values that characterize the MINOX brand. MINOX offers high-tech, premium quality for the highest demands and a wide range of functions. The use of high-tech special glass, precision engineered lens systems and first-class coatings provide MINOX binoculars with excellent, high-contrast image quality.


MINOX BL HD binoculars feature a distinctive lightweight design and open bridge, allowing comfortable one-handed operation. The BL HD line with its innovative deviating HD glass with partial dispersion offers an image without annoying color frills or glare. The binoculars of the MINOX BV Line are especially characterized by their sophisticated optical performance, robust and sturdy housing and high reliability even in difficult conditions. Excellent binoculars for wildlife observation in any environment.  The new MINOX BF 8x42 and BF 10x42 are distinguished by the renowned design and performance features for which MINOX Sport Optics is renowned. Excellent for universal use in all areas of hunting.